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By appointment we offer a wide variety of grooming services.

Full Grooming Services include Bath* blow dry* clipped (hair cut)

Anal glands checked* nails cut and filed*

Ears cleaned (includes plucking if necessary)

Pads cleaned (shaved)

Privates cleaned (shaved)

We clip the coat according to your request as long as the coat condition allows it.

Our pricing is done according to breed. Things that determine price are size of the pet, thickness ad type of coat, condition of the pet at the time of appointment, and difficulty which includes type of trim and the animal’s temperament.


Bathing Services:  Bath*blown dry*anal glands checked* ears cleaned and plucked (if necessary)*nails cut and filed* brushed

We use a variety of tools to brush depending on the coat type.  These include the Furminator ( a tool used for removing  the maximum amount of dead and loose hair), using the tools that work best for your pet.


Other Services:  We offer add on services with appointments which include:

Special shampooing such as whitening shampoo, flea shampoo, oatmeal shampoo, medicated shampoo, de-skunk shampoo, and ultra-shampoo.

Nail trimming and filing, ears cleaned and plucked, dental care.


Hours and pricing:  By appointment only. We offer hours to fit your busy schedule including some evenings, and weekend appointments available.

Prices are determined by the breed, size, coat type and condition.  We can give you an estimated price ahead of time, but not an exact price till your appointment.


Grooming holistically goes beyond the basic physical work of washing, drying, brushing and trimming animals coat.  This discipline of grooming takes the dogs psychological and emotional needs into consideration, promoting a feeling of comfort and security for the pet during the grooming and feeling of contentment when the process is complete.